Unique and effective group coaching programs


I’m so happy you are here!

I want you to have a different year.

A better year.

An amazing year that will surprise you.

Remember back to a time in your life when life felt easy, free and simple...

Maybe it was a time in which you had more energy…

or no pain in your body…

or you just enjoyed your day to day experiences because they felt new and fresh…

This is what I want for you.

Freedom, spaciousness. All options available to you again.

Bodies that feel capable and strong. Minds that are focused and clear.

Hearts full of sacred gratitude even in the little moments.

Futures full of hope, clarity and purpose.

This is what over 50 women who have worked with me have found again.

why work with me?

I believe care matters. I believe having your experience be deeply seen by others really matters.

Using therapeutic tools and intuitive care, I am willing and able to embrace the shadow and the light of any issue that is present for you.

I don’t offer a magic pill. We build slowly, one imperfect action at a time. Aiming for a solid B- while also giving space for the C+ (or lower) kind of days.

We have a full year so we have lots of room to experiment as we encourage our growth.

I am a knowledgeable and accepting coach who helps women transform outdated beliefs, reverse negative self-talk and learn to trust their mind, body and hearts again using the wisdom of Ayurveda and psychology.

With a background in the healing arts, managing, coaching and also twenty years of teaching experience, I have spent over half of my life refining this healing path for myself and for others.

Are you ready for a radically different year?

Learn more about this program by setting up a chat.

If not now, when? If not you, then who?

Think of this as an investment in not only you, but everyone in your life.

Availability is limited.

The Habits for Thrive program enrolls 15 new members per year.

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