Salt Lake City Conference

Sept 27-30, 2018

I learned so much my brain hurts (in a good way).  Getting to meet my teacher, Cate Stillman and all of the other coaches in the program was incredible.  Here are some of the skills I gained and things I learned during the Salt Lake City weekend:

  • Using the tools we learned in the book, The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures:  Simple Rules to Unleash a Culture Of Innovation, Cate structured our group work around these new ways to work together.  In this way, each of us were able to contribute to our full potential and we all left inspired to use these same structures with our course members.
  • We learned other tools for deepening our work with ourselves and with our course members including: outlining our hero’s journey, creating our own freak flags, creating maps of our future, and also working on our shadows, triggers, behavioral patterns, and personal paradox’s.  It was deep work and it all felt so important.  The behavioral pattern work was especially powerful to me and I created a worksheet/process to use with course members to help them look at the roots of their behavior pattern and ways to change the behavior when they are triggered.


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