About Me

BIO: I was born and raised in a big Wisconsin family but I have called Montana home for 25 years. My initial influence started with my Mom who was ahead of her time and wrote a whole foods cook book in the 70’s. She fed us organic food from our one acre garden and always made everything from scratch, including soaps, sprouts, condiments and bread.

I furthered my interest in health and wellness while attending a healing arts school in California called Heartwood Institute in the early 90’s. It was there that I learned about massage, energy healing, kinesiology, acupressure, hypnotherapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also studied education and art in college and worked as a teacher for many years. Those skills help me create effective learning tools for my members. I am now a certified health coach and it’s a perfect fit. I presently live with my husband of 25 years and two teenage daughters.

My own journey to wellness… While in high school, I developed a dissociative disorder called depersonalization after smoking marijuana for the first time.  It wasn’t an easy recovery and I took lots of twists and turns on the path before I recovered fully.  In the process, I learned about so many healing modalities and methods for healing the body and mind of imbalances of any kind. I believe 100% in the bodies ability to heal if we give it the right support! Another part of my journey happened in 2015 when my sister was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.  I became extremely passionate about helping her find the right resources and ultimately, successful results.  I helped her tackle her cancer diagnosis the way I tackle every obstacle– I do extensive research and find the best possible resources and tools available and then create a strategy for success.  As of 2020, she is still cancer free.


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