SMOOTHIE SLAYER Friday, July 30th, 10am-11am MST $15

Learn how to make simple and DELICIOUS blender drinks specific to your individual constitution!

Smoothies and blender drinks are a GREAT way to get LOTS of nutrient-dense superfoods and spices into your body quickly. Raw fruits contain fibrous cell walls that can be difficult for the body to break down. Blending makes them easier to digest AND since no chewing effort is required, you save energy!

When you sign up for this workshop, you will be sent a link to a quiz to learn your constitution. This fun and lively class includes blender demos, an amazing printable recipe booklet and tips to make smoothie slaying one of your favorite new habits! All participants will be given the recipe ingredients list ahead of time so they can choose to play along! Cost: $15.

Amplify Your Energy Challenge! Mon-Fri, August 9-13th, 10am-10:30am daily, MST

Learn 5 tiny habits over this week that will help you look and feel more youthful by the end of the week!

We will practice one of these habits on each of our five 30-minute Zoom calls and you will learn HOW to easily incorporate them consistently into the daily routines you already have. Adopting even one of these habits will be life-changing!

Sweet prizes will be given away to gamify your success with adopting these habits, and of course because prizes are FUN! (Hint: Actively pursuing fun, including a “happy hour,” is one of the habits of centenarians!)

All participants will receive an “Amplify Your Energy” Workbook and a tracking worksheet for taking notes and measuring success throughout the week! This workshop is totally FREE but you should show up ready to invest in yourself because YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Join Facebook group here!

EASY KITCHEN MAKEOVER Thursday, Aug. 26, 10am-11am, MST

Learn how to give your kitchen a quick, down-and-dirty makeover that will inspire you to make healthy choices whenever you walk in ready to graze.

Does your kitchen INSPIRE you to eat healthy or is it a TEMPTATION ZONE for emotional eating binges? I SOOO understand that urge to escape stress by opening the fridge and cupboard! That’s why I have had to learn the best behavior science tools and binge-stopping techniques to overcome this tough pattern. And it’s why I know exactly how to equip my own kitchen to make healthy options obvious, attractive, easy and rewarding.

All participants will receive a PDF checklist with 5 easy tasks to accomplish to complete your kitchen makeover. As a BONUS, participants will also receive my “15-minute Recipes Guide for Easy Healthy Meals.”. Cost: $15.




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