The Habits for Thrive Program

This innovative, self-transformation course will motivate you to automate ten life-changing habits.

Using exciting behavior science, tools from psychology, the wisdom of Ayurveda and group accountability, all members begin to experience results in as little as two weeks.

Change doesn’t have to be hard and overwhelming, it’s all about finding the right methodology.

One that builds on itself slowly and in an order that feels doable and encouraging.

When change feels easy, meaningful and fun we feel inspired to stay with it.

And when we experience ongoing results throughout the process, it sparks our motivation.

In this year long, online, live course, you will:

  • Learn the Habits for Thrive~ We meet weekly on Zoom to practice the habit of the week.
  • Get monthly 1-hour individual sessions.
  • Receive a welcome kit which includes: a Habits for Thrive workbook and other goodies.
  • Be paired with an accountability partner.
  • Gamify your success with monthly challenges and PRIZES.


$225/mo.  You can pay monthly or pay in full for a year to receive one month for free.

*You can also choose to sign up for one 12 week session of The Habits for Thrive for $250/mo.

   It’s like being on Hollywood Squares!

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WHY choose the habits for thrive program?

Because it works.

I used the same method to transform my own life and I have used it to guide many others to success. 

We aim for a B- because trying to be perfect never works.

The groups are small because being seen and cared for matters.

Power in numbers

Why do we work in a group?

Research pinpoints the factors that make group work successful including:

A sense of shared purpose creates momentum.

The ability to interact with your peers with a common goal enforces growth.

Theory of influence:  we become the 5 people we hang around the most. 

Learn more about this program by setting up a session to talk to Cindy today- Availability is limited. 

I work with a total of 20 people per year…

Are you ready to have completely different year? 

Click here to set up a free discovery call!

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