Testimonial from Lily

Testimonial from Heather

Watch me here being interviewed by author of the book Super Ager, Elise Marie Collins!

Testimony from a colleague in the field

Cindy is an amazing health coach due to her drive to help others, her love of health and wellness, and the breadth of knowledge she possesses in the field. She won’t give up on you- and you’ll be a better person for it!”  ~Mikaela Martin, Missoula, MT.

“I felt I could totally be myself with Cindy.”  ~I.R., MT.

“Cindy’s program is valuable to individuals that are looking for support in areas of their life that they have been struggling with and need support, guidance, and structure to become successful. Cindy is very passionate about being a leader and is very committed to giving you what you need personally to live a better quality of life.” ~D.L., Missoula, Montana

“Just having Cindy’s support during a very challenging 6 months made a big difference in our journey. Her loving presence and positive outlook supported is in achieving good outcomes from the program.” Paul Buffington, Stevensville, MT.

“Cindy helped me work on a family plan to create some peace in our house.” Allison Ramsey, Missoula, MT.

“Cindy inspires me with her raw honesty. Horses are always this transparent, people seldom are. She is refreshing! Her suggestions for me to feel successful with small increments of change have been powerful. And to feel successful by NOT participating in our last round, instead of feeling guilty or like I had failed everyone and myself. What a new concept for me, to put self care above my responsibilities and commitments.” L.C., Stevensville, MT.

cindy (1 of 14)“Cindy has definitely been a pillar of information and support to me dealing with depersonalization/derealization.” ~Anthony Charles, Los Angeles, CA.

“Cindy has a great capacity for deep listening and a wealth of options for tried and true remedies.”  ~Brandy Gillespie, Missoula, MT.

“Spending time with Cindy is always inspiring and helpful.  It is her overall hopefulness, enthusiasm, courage, bravery, and encouragement that support me to be a better human and not settle for anything less.”  ~K.H. Missoula, MT.

"Cindy is very nurturing and has taught me that I can be easier with myself.  I have some health issues that make my ability to participate challenging sometimes and I have able to modify the program with Cindy's help." ~ Missoula course member after one round of Habits for Thrive

“Cindy is so dedicated and professional.  I love working with her.  She shares her own vulnerabilities and that really helps to open up the group.  She is so well organized and doesn’t leave out a thing while still creating a comfortable, low stress, safe space for sharing.” ~K.L., Missoula, Montana

“Cindy helped me with anxiety.  She gave me some great information and exercises to try.  She is extremely nice, a great listener, sincere and does not make me feel rushed.”~ Charlie, New York City.

“Cindy always says the perfect things to keep me on track.  And, when I failed, she keeps on believing in me and encourages me to get right back on track one step at a time.” ~Susan Ma, Missoula, MT.

“Cindy is very knowledgeable and integrates Eastern and Western health/life coaching techniques, remedies, and lifestyle changes.”  ~I.R. Montana

“The content of what Cindy is teaching through her Beyond Well program and learning the habits for thrive, have been so very helpful for me. Even not achieving them 100%, I am now conscious and aware all the time of striving toward health. She inspires me with how much work she has done with herself and her relentless, never-give-up attitude toward her own health. We have to advocate for ourselves this fiercely! I have had a tendency to just “live with suffering” and refuse to settle anymore. Cindy helped me adopt a new attitude.” L.C., Stevensville, MT.

Cindy is so authentic, she shares her own struggles which has enabled me to believe I can get healthier.  She brings together a variety of personalities in her groups which is important because we learn from others as well.”  ~Missoula course member after one round of Habits for Thrive

“Cindy is a natural healer and helper.  I think helping others is her calling.” ~Missoula course member after one round of Habits for Thrive

“I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anyone looking for a coach.” Paul Buffington, Stevensville, MT.

“Cindy showed me her monthly tracking chart and that was a real inspiration to me. It is a very easy, adaptable, and practical tool that I have been using for the last three months. This tool will probably stay with me for the rest of my life.”  ~I.R. Montana

"I am inspired by Cindy's enthusiasm. This course has made me more aware of how I can impact my overall health and have more energy by making small changes to my daily living."~ D.H., Missoula, MT

"Cindy has good listening skills and many suggestions for incorporating positive changes into your busy life. Her upbeat personality and interest in others shines through in everything she does."  Anne, Green Bay, WI.

“I find our one-on-one sessions quite remarkable.  Cindy always remembers the details from previous appointments, gives directed suggestions and uses her intuition.  I am so grateful to be in this course with Cindy!”~ L.T., Missoula, MT. 

“Cindy has exuberant energy and she is always positive, more than these though, she finds a way for everyone to always be right, never wrong or failing.” L.T., Stevensville, MT.

“I will recommend Cindy because of her gentle approach and commitment to her members on every level and in every part of the program. She has a wealth of personal experience and resources that she is always willing to share. She teaches in a way that I can learn.” ~Allison Ramsey, Missoula, MT.


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