Two ways to work with me one-on-one

How I can help you in our 1-1 coaching calls:

  • Get clarity around an issue in your life: career, relationships, life purpose, body, past trauma
  • Understand the root issues around an ongoing behavior that you want to change
  • Learn tools to transform your beliefs, develop self-care practices, feel your emotions, manage your time and energy or start a spiritual practice
  • Create a meal plan or workout routine based on your individual constitution
  • Help with breaking a big goal into smaller chunks and then receive weekly calls and daily text accountability until you’ve reached your goal
  • Design a daily regime to reach a health goal: weight loss, disease recovery, more energy, less pain, resilient aging, healthier heart, etc.

All Habits for Thrive members get a monthly 1-1 call (one hour long) included in the program.

Cost for an hour long coaching call: $75 or 5 call bundle for $325

One hour coaching call or 5 call Bundle

Sign up for a one hour coaching call or a 5-call bundle. After paying, click the link below to schedule your call or calls.



What is Numerology? What is a Numerology Report and Birth Chart Session like?

Numerology is a field that studies how numbers affect our lives. Based on the idea that numbers are the basic building blocks of the universe, it examines how the energies of the numbers in your birthday affect your personality and life path.

As a certified numerologist, I can create a personal birth chart for you. I have found these charts to be incredibly accurate and helpful for clients. Many use this service to:

  • Get clarity and understanding around their life path and career
  • Understand themselves better
  • Understand the people in their lives better
  • Learn about the (4) nine year personal seasons and themes in their lives
  • Understand their day, month and year energy so they can use it to manage their time more effectively

Cost for a one hour Zoom session. $150 Includes a birth chart created specifically for you which takes me about 1-2 hours to put together.

Birth chart session

Includes a 1-1 Zoom call to go over your individual birth chart. After paying, sign up for a 1-1 session. (I will need 5-7 days to make your chart so choose a day for our 1-1 session 5-7 days from the day you pay.)



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